• Eu Sou A Fazenda

    Welcome to the first blog in the wiki!

    This blog is about how to be inspired to make a cool genome!

    There is 2 main ways: Creature Inspiration and Concept Inspiration.

    This one is the easyest from the 2. Its about creating a real-life creature into the Cell lab! You can easly get this from looking from your window to your garden: What creatures are there? Are any of those interesting to be created in cell lab? If yes, then you already got an insipation! However, if you do not find anything interesting, use the Google! Search for funny and interesting animals or plants, and go from there!

    This one is a little more tricky to do, but can be realy funny. What you need to do is look at the genome editor. Look what can be done. A creature that stick…

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