Welcome to the Cell Lab WikiaEdit

A wiki for the Android game Cell Lab by Petter Säterskog. The wiki is intended to provide information and solutions to the challenges and elements of the game.

Important announcement Edit

There is an offical cell lab wiki:

Pleaze avoid posting/editing pages on this wiki. Thanks.

About Cell LabEdit

Cell lab is a free Android game made by Petter Säterskog, it is based on genome editing and evolution. In cell lab, you can create new organisms and watch them evolve. There are also challenges to test your skill at organism building.

Contribute! Edit

You can contribute too!

Upload an image: Special:Upload

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Did You Know? Edit

That cells can die of age?
That most organisms with flagellocytes are less than 5 cells?
That cell color can be detected by senseo/stereocytes?

This template needs more DYKs! Please add them here.

Latest activity Edit

Cell lab phagocyte

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