The Cell Stacking Glitch is a glitch that occurs when the 1000 cell limit is reached in a very large Petri dish. It causes cells to split into two layers, one being the normal, and the other completely intangible. Cells placed will sometimes be placed in either layer. This is not random; the causes are just undetermined as they do seem to change.

Effects Edit

Cell Layering: This is the main effect, explained above. Cells have no determined physics and can sometimes switch between layers, usually intangible to normal, especially when a cell is placed.

Screenshot 2016-12-19-21-30-50

Cell Stacking in block shaped organism.

Telepathy: Cells that are clearly not connected can still transfer materials, usually connected between layers.

Telepathy cell

Cyanide that has flowed from the secrocyte to the bump with no direct adhesion and no secrocyte at the bump.

Phantom Cells: If you infect most of the normal cells and kill them with Cyanide, they will sometimes eject phantom cells that have no physical properties whatsoever. The chloroplasts in phantom photocytes will be rounded, absent near the nucleus, and stationary.

Phantom cell

Phantom photocyte (left) and normal photocyte (right). Note that the phantom has rounder chloroplasts and none in the middle like the normal one. You can't notice because this is a photo, but the phantom chloroplasts do not move like normal ones.

Side Effects Edit

This glitch has no lasting side effects, but unless you sterilize it will stay glitched even if you kill some of the cells.