Cyanide is a poisonous chemical from Secrocytes. It kills cells over time if exposed for too long. Cells in direct contact to a cyanide Secrocyte will turn yellow and die quickly. A brief moment of contact will cause them to turn green, slowly kill the cell. Like other substances, (nutrients, signal substances, etc.) cyanide will diffuse through adhesins when a cell splits. Like nitrate, it is equally distributed to daughter cells no matter what the split ratio is. This allows for simple cyanide control systems. Besides killing them, cyanide does not appear to have any other effect on cells. Keratinocytes protect cells in direct contact from cyanide only if the cells that need protection are connected to Keratinocytes. Cyanide can kill Keratinocytes if there at least one Secrocyte connected to the cell that connects to Keratinocyte.