Floaters are organisms that can be made in the game.

Description Edit

The Floater is composed of two cells, a Photocyte, which photosynthesizes and produces nutrients for the cell, and a Buoyocyte, which brings it to the top of the plate.

Distribution Edit

It can only live in a low-density environment, and, with enough space, can reproduce so fast that it can fill the entire part of the plate which has the most light if the Max Cell count is high enough.

Reproduction Edit

It reproduces by laying Ninfa eggs, which contain Ninfi, Pseudo-Flagellates that consume nutrients in the plate and lay Adult eggs, which contain Floaters.

The difference between Ninfa eggs and Adult eggs is that the Ninfa eggs are Phagocytic, while Adult eggs are Photocytic.

Screenshot 20170305-222828

A ninfa, which consumes nutrients and lays eggs.