The Genome Editor is used for creating your genomes for cells.

Genome editor

Features Edit

Genome Settings Edit

These settings allow you to access different modes and save/load genomes.

Save Edit

In Game Description Edit

Saving your genome lets you reuse it in another challenge or send it to a friend.

Load Edit

Lets you load a saved genome, the default, or a selected cell under the microscope.

Edit Mode Edit

Type: Selector

In Game Description Edit

All cells in e.g. the human body contain the same DNA but a brain cell and a muscle cell behave very differently This is referred to as different "modes" of a cell in this app. The genome of each cell consists of 20 modes with different properties. Use this selector to choose what mode to edit. The properties below all correspond to the chosen mode.

The radio button "Initial" can be used to change what mode your cell starts in.

Daughter Cell Settings Edit

These settings effect the daughter cells when the mother cell splits.

Make Adhesin Edit

Type: Check box

In Game Description Edit

The two daughter cells that result after this cell splits will be connected by glue called adhesin if this box is ticked.

This does two things:

  • The daughter cells stay together
  • They can transport nutrients between them.

The properties of this connection can be tuned with the properties Adhesin stiffness, Nutrient priority and the check box Stay alive below.

Extra Info Edit

Adhesins can break if you put enough stress on them, especially when the connected cells are small.

Cell Type Edit

Type: Selector