The Keratinocyte is a basic cell unlocked after completing challenge 13: "Decimation".

Description Edit

The Keratinocyte looks like a cell within a cell, with overlapping nucleus. The space between the two cells looks like a "shell" or exoskeleton of some kind. It can protect itself and directly attached cells from almost every foreign attack. It protects from Virocytes' infection, Glueocytes connections, cyanide in the enviroment, and Devorocytes.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the only cell that no other cell can kill, except when it is connected to cells that are contaminated with cyanide.
  • Devices with low graphic card may not see the nucleus.
  • It is possible to make almost any organism completely immune to any attack by correct placing of this cell type in the life cycle of the organism. The only thing that can kill these kind of organisms, for now, is starvation, age and kinect weapons. This makes this cell one of the strongest cell types of the game