Level 10:
Previous level Sunlight I
Next level Sunlight II
Goal(s) One inserted cells
16+ cells created
Cells survive for 50 h
Reward(s) Devorocyte
Level 11-13
Available Cell(s) Photocyte

Level 10: Seed is the tenth level of the game.

Description Edit

A new type of cell is now available, the Lipocyte. This cell contains fat and can thus store more energy than other cells. These cells also consume very little energy.

This substrate contains no energy source, can you nevertheless keep 16 live cells on it for 50 h?

Substrate Edit

  • No light and nutrient.

Solution Edit

Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Use a Lipocyte with very low split mass and just wait.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the first level to featuring Lipocyte.
  • It is the first level to have three goals