Level 11:
Sunlight II
Previous level Seed
Next level Macrophages V
Difficulty Difficult
Goal(s) Less than or equal to Ten inserted cells
500+ cells created
Available Cell(s) Photocyte

Level 11: Sunlight II is the eleventh level of the game.

Description Edit

The light source is now moving faster. Your goal is to design cells that can multiply up to 500 cells with this itinerant light source.

Substrate Edit

  • Same as level 9 with faster rotating light source.

Solution Edit

Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Your cells can never swim fast enough to keep up with the sun. Instead, accumulate energy when it is abundant for use during dark times.

Make a long worm consisting of both Photocytes and Lipocytes. One way is to have:

Mode 1: Photocyte, split to 2,3
Mode 2: Lipocyte, will not split
Mode 3: Photocyte, split to 1,1

Make adhesin for all of them.