Level 12:
Macrophages V
Previous level Sunlight II
Next level Decimation
Difficulty Difficult
Goal(s) One inserted cell
150+ cells created
Cells survive for 100 h
Available Cell(s) Phagocyte

Level 12: Macrophages V is the twelveth level of the game.

Description Edit

Cells now die when they reach the edge of the substrate. Can you make a species maintaining a cell count above 150 for 100 h?

Substrate Edit

  • Same as the "Macrophages III".
  • Cell will die when reach the edge.

Solution Edit

Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

Having trouble solving some of the challenges and need some inspiration? Let evolution do the job for you! Go to the "Experiment" tab of the main menu and choose "New plate". Try to make an environment similar to the environment of the Macrophages III challenge and put the solution you had for that exercise in it (you can save and load genomes in the genome editor).

Now start the simulation and you should have some cells multiplying in the environment. Then check "Kill cells at edge" and the number of cells should start declining. If you now increase the radiation level from 0 to slightly above 0 the cells will start mutating and soon you will have morecells than you started with since they have adapted to their environment. Hopefully you will be able to see a way to solve this exercise from studying their behavior!