Level 1:
Previous level None
Tutorial II
Next level Algae II
Goal(s) Less than or equal to ten inserted cell
100+ cells created
Reward(s) Phagocyte
Challenge 2-4
Available Cell(s) Photocyte

Level 1: Algae is the first level of the game, not including the tutorials.

Description Edit

Use the genome editor to make a species that thrives in the environment of this challenge.

When ready, put a cell on the substrate under the microscope and unfreeze it to see if it is viable. 100 cells are needed to complete this challenge. of ekigbke


  • Only a small range of light


Simply place the default genome on the top of the dish.

Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

The default cell will suffice for this challenge. All cells need energy and the Photocytes in this challenge get energy from sunlight.

Sunlight is the incident on the bright area at the top of this substrate.

Tap on the bright area at the top of the petri dish and change the temperature to observe.


  • This is the first level featuring the Photocyte.
  • This is the easiest level in the game, using the default genome with no modifications.