Level 5:
Macrophages II
Can you get 600 cells on the same substrate as before?
Previous level Macrophages I
Next level Coexistence
Goal(s) Less than or equal to thirty inserted cell
600+ cells created
Available Cell(s) Photocyte

Level 5: Macrophages II is the fifth level of the game.

Description Edit

Can you get 600 cells on the same substrate as before?

Now you have access to Flagellocytes in the experimental lab, but in this challenge we still work with the same restrictions as the previous challenge to see if we can optimize our organism without Flagellocytes.

You can always skip this challenge and go directly to challenge 7 where you can use Flagellocytes if you like.

Substrate Edit

Same as the last level, Level 4: Macrophages.

Solution Edit

From the default genome, slightly lower the split mass and increase the split angle. Then place your cell around the middle of the substrate.

Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

The properties "Split angle" and "Split mass" might be useful to solve this challenge. The cells spread more efficiently if they don't end up in a line.