Level 7:
Macrophages III
Can you nevertheless make a species multiply to 420 cells in this environment?
Previous level Coexistence
Next level Macrophages IV
Goal(s) Less than or equal to ten inserted cells
420+ cells created
Reward(s) Lipocyte
Level 8-10
Available Cell(s) Photocyte

Level 7: Macrophages III is the seventh level of the game and the third level that uses the Macrophages title.

Description Edit

We are going to try to use your new cell, the Flagellocyte, for this challenge. This cell can not gain energy from the enviroment, but it can swim! Note that this cell immediately dies if attached to another cell such that the flagellum is obstructed.

The viscosity of this substrate is higher than in the previous "Macrophages" challenge. Can you nevertheless make a species multiply to 420 cells?

Substrate Edit

  • Higher viscosity than in the previous "Macrophages" challenge.
  • No light

Solution Edit

Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

To solve this challenge, you will need your organism's life cycle to include three different modes.

Ticking "Contaminate with random cells" in experimental mode and running for a little while might give you some ideas on how to solve this challenge.

Have mode 1 split to mode 2 and 3
Have mode 3 split to 3 and 1
Let mode 1 and 3 be Phagocytes and mode 2 Flagellocyte
Tick "Make Adhesin" for mode 1

Note that this is one among many different ways to solve this challenge.

Trivia Edit