The Lipocyte is a basic cell in Cell Lab unlocked after completing "Macrophages III".

Description. Edit

The Lipocyte is a cell with what looks like fat (lipids) surrounding the nucleus. It has the ability to store large amounts of energy and use very little energy at the same time.

Alternative Uses. Edit

Even though the in-game description says that uses 'very little' energy, it has been confirmed that it actually uses no energy whatsoever. Alone in any substrate, even with Salinity at minimum, it will die of age before losing any of its fat. So the main use for it to have a reservoir of nutrients in a organism that would be needed afterwards.

The second most common use is in mother eggs in very large and complex organisms that need a very high nutrient start.

In challenges, Lipocytes can also be used in "Lipodropping", in which one "dumps" lipocytes just to raise substrate cell count.

Lipocyte is the only cell that signal substance can't diffuse through so they can be used for blocking signal substance.

Trivia Edit

  • This cell most of the time looks slightly bigger than any other cell, unless it has very low nutrients inside of it