Mine Cell Edit

Mine cell is a cell that will trigger and release other cells if they detect concentration.

The mine cell consists of 3 cells, Senseocyte, Stemocyte,

and its survival supporter (Lipocyte or Photocyte)

Description Edit

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Mine cell

Regular mine cells are at the "Avoidance" level. The mine cell is 'ageless'. The color of the mine is green, can only detect cells. And that mine can detect any cell color even though the color is green.

While triggered Edit

While triggered, Stemocyte will differentiate into a red Photocyte and spread in all directions, indicating that the player has lose.

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Triggered Mine Cell

Only one solution to avoid it is making brain or something else that will go away from mine cell. One could also use a Glueocyte that splits into a -S1 secrocyte and an egg for a Standard Smart Swimmer, which disables the mine from triggering.