The Nitrocyte is a basic cell unlocked after completing "Slippery Slope".

Description Edit

The Nitrocyte is a cell with 10 tufts. The tufts are actually parts of the Mandelbrot Set, a fractal (a figure with an infinite perimeter) well known in mathematics.

It produces nitrates that the cells need to divide. Normal substrates usually have nitrates already in them, making this cell unnecessary, but in certain challenges and substrates, the enviroment doesn't have them and this cell is the only way of making cells reproduce.

Any other cell that is placed in a substrate with no nitrates has enough to reproduce up to 6 cells.

Nitrocytes don't secrete like Secrocytes do. Nitrates travel only inside of the cells through adhesin, so the Nitrocyte needs to be connected to the cell either directly or through other cells to function properly. Nitrates that are just near but not conected to other cell won't give nitrates.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the most detailed cell.
  • It has parts that are not connected to the cell.
  • In a substrate with no nitrates, one must make sure that cells that want to multiply must be connected to the Nitrocyte.