The Stereocyte is a basic low consumption Cell Type unlocked after completing the Challenge "Friction"

Description Edit

The Stereocyte is a cell with two sets of hair-like extensions in each side and 6 seed-like shapes inside of it that change color when Signal is produced.

It is one of the 3 Neuron type cells, the other two being the Neurocyte and Senseocyte. Its main use is for producing any of the 4 type of Signals based on left or right smell. It can detect food or certain color of other cells.

It has all the same Settings as every other cell, plus some exclusive of itself. "Smell Type" sets if the Stereocyte will detect either Food or Cell Color; the "Output Channel" sets which Signal it'll produce; "Output" will set how much signal will output based on the smell that detects and then there's three setings of colors that set exactly which color will detect. This setting can be negative. The last setting, "Color Threshold", will set out much different can a color be from the already programmed and still be detected. A high Color Threshold will allow more differences in the colors and the Stereocyte will still 'smell' it.

The main use for this cell is in Smart Swimmers, since it can differenciate if food or certain cell is either left or right. It's then paired with a programmed Myocyte or Flagellocytes that will turn the organism towards (or away, as is in the case of Avoiders), that piece of food or colored cell.

Trivia Edit

  • This cell looks a Senseocyte that evolved to have all of its 'hairs' in each side