The Cell Lab wiki is open to all species and creations, but there are some rules to follow when making a page for your species!

  1. Check first. Has someone else posted the same thing?
  2. Differences. Please do not post a color variation as another species.
  3. Tutoria. Please put simple species under the Tutoria family, even though they aren't in the tutorials.
  4. Taxonomy. If there is a taxon that fits your organism, don't make up a new one.
  5. Kingdoms. Don't make your own kingdom unless it is something completely different.
  6. Taxons. Please put organisms in the correct taxon.
  7. Author. The author should go to the genus, while the first name (e.g. Examplia Examplus, Examplia is the first name) goes to the Family.
  8. Images. Please do a screenshot, not a photo of a screen!

Those are the rules. Please follow them. If a species page does not follow the rules, it will probably just get edited but in the case of not following rule 1 and 2, the page will get deleted. For rule 8, the image will get deleted and maybe replaced. Have fun posting species. Don't forget to add the Species category.